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Drumthwacket is open most Wednesdays for guided tours with the exception of holiday open houses when additional selected dates are available.  Tours are not offiered in August.  September to July school and public tour dates are posted in late August for the following year.  Holiday Open House dates are posted in the late fall. Only available dates will appear in the drop down screen during the registration process.   

On Wednesdays, individuals and non-school groups of less than twenty will begin the tour at 1:00 pm. School groups and groups larger than 20 individuals may register for Wednesday tours at 9:45, 10:45 and 11:45 am.  Drumthwacket is wheelchair accessible.  Please inform the Foundation of special needs when registering.


SCHOOL FIELD TRIP REGISTRATION: There is a maximum of 50 individuals or one bus per time slot.  If you are registering more than one class and the attendance total (teachers, students, and chaperones) exceeds 50, you will need to register for a second time slot either the same day, when available, or subsequent week.   Special needs requests should be noted in the field  "questions, comments, concerns" during the registration process.  The Discover Drumthwacket field trip program is extremely popluar.  Please be considerate and check (A) your school's field trip policy and obtain, if necessary, proper Board and/or PTO approval prior to your visit and (B) your school's standardized testing schedule (ie. PARCC, NJASK) to avoid conflicts and cancellations.  Cancellations less than three months prior to the scheduled visit, for non-weather related reasons, may jeapordize the school's ability to register for future trips.  Only public schools in Title One districts are eligible for bus tranportation reimbursement and complimetary lunches.  To receive these benefits as a Title One public school, register using the invitation code emailed to districts.  If you do not have this code, please email Serena Jain for assistance.

PUBLIC GROUP TOUR REGISTRATION:  Select "I would like to register for a Public Group Tour ((group size 1 - 19) or (group size 20 - 50)". Only available dates will populate in the pull down screen.  Group leaders must register the names and addresses of all individuals (adults and children) in the group.  Drumthwacket is wheelchair accessible.  .  

EASTER EGG HUNT FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS:  You must have an invitation code to register.  If you do not have a code and have a child with special needs who is between 3 and 8 years old, please contact the Foundation office:  As the event fills quickly, please be considerate and register only immediate family members (parents, siblings) and/or caregivers in order to give as many children with special needs the opportunity to attend.  Children ages 3+ must be registered individually as it is important for the Foundation to have an accurate participant count. 

HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE REGISTRATION: ​ Holiday open house dates are posted in late fall.  To register for a holiday open house, select the option "I would like to register for an Open House (group size 1 to 19)" in the registration form below in order to proceeed with the registration process.  Tour dates will only populate once this option is selected.  If your group size is larger than 19, please select, "I would like to register for an Open House (group size 20 to 50)".  If you are bringing guest(s) the system will prompt you to "add another individual" after you have successfully registered yourself.  All guests including children must register in advance.  Please note, if you are registering for the 1 pm entrance time, you must arrive by 1:30 pm in order to be allowed admittance.  For security purposes, registration closes at 1 pm the day prior to tours.  Complimentary parking is available on site.  The format of the tour is unguided but there are Docents present in every room to answer questions. 


Questions? Please contact Serena Jain, Associate Director, 609.683.0057, ext. #5, Tuesdays through Thursdays.

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Maximum number of participants in each time slot is 200 attendees.

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You will receive an email confirmation after submitting the contents of this form. Please follow any instructions in the email and complete prior to a week before your visit.

If you need to cancel a tour, please contact Serena Jain by calling 609.683.0057, ext 5 or as soon as possible.

Maximum number of participants in each time slot is 200 attendees.

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Instructions for Registering Groups of 20 – 50 Individuals

  1. Register the names of every individual in your group ONLY IF this information is known at this time.  For example, if you know the names of 7 out of 20 members in your group, DO NOT register the 7 names at this time and skip to step 2.
  2. If you do not have the names of every individual in your group, the system will reserve the number of reservations you requested.  For security purposes, you must email at least one week in advance of your visit, an alphabetized list of the members in your group including name, address and telephone information to
  3. Failure to register all members in your group on-line or by separate email to may jeopardize your visit.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation with instructions for your visit upon successful registration. 
  5. If you need to cancel your registration, email with your name, date of visit and time. 

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Teachers must register 1 class at a time. The maximum number of students, teachers, and chaperones on a single tour is 50.

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